This program allows you to submit Safe Routes to School issues through your mobile device or tablet by:
Step 1 Info: Gathering information about the issue
Step 2 Location: Locating the issue on the map
Step 3 Photos: Uploading photos of the issue

Once you complete all steps, you submit your issue with the submit button in Step 3.
The information is stored in the cloud to be referenced from an online map program. Your concerns are important and will be evaluated by the School District and/or City.

If you'd like to paricipate in the Parent SRTS Survey, please click here
Enter information about the project below. Before you can submit the project, you'll need locate your issue and optionally include photos.

If you want a response back regarding this issue, please provide your contact information (Name, Email, Phone)

Locate your issue by entering an address, or zoom on the map.

By using the device location button, the map will show your mobile device location on the map.

To define your location, click the Place Location button, then click the map. Repeat these steps to move the point.

Use this tab to take photos of the project. A maximum of 5 photos can be submitted per issue.